Creatief met Color Acrylics

Creative with Color Acrylics | Step by Step

Today, more about fadings. A fading is a color that gradual runs into another color, created with Nail Art Paint or Color Acryl. It is a fantastic technique to use as a background.

Horizontal fading

  1. Take a small dot of acrylic on your brush and apply the color to cover the width of the nail. Use the flat side of the brush and apply it as you would apply nail polish. This keeps the other side of the brush clean.
  2. Then work downwards and fade the color midway through the nail.
  3. Breng waar de lichte kleur eindigt een kleur aan die donkerder is over de breedte van de nagel. Maak de fading richting de vrije top.
  4. Apply the fading upwards. To allow the colors to flow well into each other, fade the colors upwards to the lighter color.
  5. Place another dot of acrylic and fade the color all the way downwards. Lastly, place the darkest color on the free top and fade this color in the direction of the nail bed.

Diagonal fading

  1. A variation to the horizontal fading is the diagonal fading. Start with the yellow color in the left upper corner and fade the color diagonally.
  2. Place the following color diagonally below this and then fade the color downwards.
  3. To allow the colors to flow well into each other, fade the colors upwards.
  4. Apply the pink color right below the orange color and work in a diagonal line downwards.
  5. Here you also fade the color upwards. Apply the last and the darkest right below on the open top.

Fading on the free edge

  1. Draw the smile line with black acrylic and fade the color slightly direction the free edge.
  2. Place a drop of the purple color in the center of the nail and fade this fully, direction the free edge
  3. At the end of the nail, use the golden glitter.
  4. Firstly fade this color upwards on the side, and then work your way to the other side.
  5. Press the glitter slightly down. Because you are working from dark to light, this gives a narrowing effect.

Line Fading

  1. By creating line fadings you train the making of lines. Creating a thin line is difficult; with the line fading only one side has to be sharp, the bottom side will be blurred. First create an opaque background. Start the fading at the top right and fade the color a little downwards.
  2. Fade the line from the upper right to the lower left.
  3. Then place a drop of acrylic at the top left and repeat the steps as you did on the right side.
  4. Continue repeating the steps to the open top. This is how you create straight lines.

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