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Beach Boho

Bohemian girls choose the ‘beach look’ this summer! The look is chic and the Bohemian Girl will wear light and transparent clothing, lace or crocheted fabrics. It looks a bit sweet and harmoniously, but of course it remains totally feminine and liberal. Get inspired and indulge in a lot of accessories like; rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings. You also will see the maxi dresses and skirts combined with a frilly crop top.

As a Nail Artist you will choose soft, dreamy colors and on the ‘accent nail’ you will paint ethnic or geometric patterns.

Step 1.  

Apply Gelpolish Milky Chocolate (103260). Cure the nail and seal with Gelpolish Base & Top Gel (103000). Paint the first part with One Coat Color Gel Black (106600).

Step 2.

Work on your design with One Coat Color Gel Black. Cure the nail in your UV or LED lamp. 

Step 3.

Use for the shell One Coat Color Gel Cutest Pink (106639).  For the other elements use One Coat Color Gel Perfect Slate (106641), Limpet Shell (106649), Serenity (106648) en Baby Blue (106610). Cure the design.

Step 4.

Work in several layers with the same colors. Cure in between. Apply with the Vrush Pen (211077) One Coat Color Gel True Gold (106646) around your design. Seal the nail with Gelpolish Base & Top.

Designs by Albina Maria Garcia Garrido

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