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Gilded Glamour

Gold, gold and even more gold. This trend made the Autumn/Winter 2017-2018 runways spectacular. The dazzling golden designs are making the winter months a huge glamour party. The gloomy, dark winter months are fading away by the warm golden glow and it will give you the feeling of wealth and success.

Match different gold tones together or combine them with black or green. The beautiful color ‘gold’ will be in the spotlight the whole winter season, so don’t wait until the holidays and get gilded in gold...

Step 1.  

Apply one layer of Gelpolish Nude Pink (103302) and cure the nail. Apply the second layer of Gelpolish Nude Pink, but do not cure it yet. In this layer you need to apply a piece of plastic wrap and wrinkle it. Cure it for 30 seconds in the Twinlight. Remove the foil and apply the Pigment Citrine (118820) in the sticky layer of the Gelpolish. Seal the nail with Magnetic Magic Shine (104152).

Step 2.

Smooth the surface of the nail with a White Block (145051). Paint the base of the design with Extreme White Gel (104142) with the Rhinestone Nailart Brush (176074). Cure the nail.

Step 3.

Complete the design with Extreme With Gel. Highlight the design with Foil Gel Black (106801) and cure it afterwards.

Step 4.

Add a few more elements with Extreme White gel and use Master Paint Warm Gold (123619) and the Detailer 3 (176020) to fill in the design. Use Building Base for Gelpolish (103404) to apply some Crystal & Ice strass stones (118302). Seal the nail with Magnetic Magic Shine.

Designs by Linda Verkooijen


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