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Boho Richesse

Last summer’s Boho trend was more into transparent clothing. The trend was sweet and harmonic. The Boho Richesse trend for this autumn and winter is more bold. The Bohemian ladies wear fashion that is rich of colors and prints but also chique. And of course with a vintage touch.

Jewelry are an important part of the outfit you’re wearing. Beaded bracelets, rings with gemstones, big earrings and a bandana, you can combine it all! Extend the trend to Nail Art with colorful flower designs mixed with different shades of green and peacock feathers.

Step 1.  

Apply Gelpolish Gracious Green (103310) to the nail. Cure and remove the sticky layer with Prep & Wipe (135021). Buff the nail with a White Block (145051). Paint the first lines with Master Paint Pure White (123600).

Step 2.

Continue painting the flower with Master Paint Pure White. Try to make the outlines as thin as possible. Aukje is painting with the Detailer 1 (176020).

Step 3.

For the color of the flower use Master Paint Rose Pink (123603), Master Paint Ivory (123602) and Master Paint Deep Purple (123616). For the element on the outside of the flower use a mix of Master Paint Emerald (123611) and Master Paint Lime (123610).

Step 4.

For the centre of the flower use Master Paint Pure Yellow (123605), Master Paint Deep Black (123601) and Master Paint Pure White. Use Master Paint Cool Gold (123620) for the element and apply some shadow with Master Paint Pure Blue (123612).

Designs by Aukje Veltman


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