Nail Plate Extenders

Magnetic offers a wide range in Nail Plate Extender gels in various colors and with different effects. All the Nail Plate Extenders share the same characteristics: • Low viscosity • Stir the gel from time to time because the pigments sink to the bottom of the jar. • Ideal to hide everything underneath like bitten nails or damaged nails. • Not suitable for building or extending the nails, Nail plate Extender does not give strength or structure • Always use these gels on an adhesion layer of clear or pink gel to prevent lifting • Curing time for the Nail Plate extenders is 3 minutes per layer. For a more festive appearance Magnetic Sparkling Nudes are the Extender Gels with glitter effect: Whether you want to extend the natural nail bed, cover imperfections or when you want to create a chique contrast with the white smile line, the Sparkling Nudes are the perfect solution. The true fashionista will want to wear them covering the entire nail for the trendy nude look. Sparkling nudes are available in three shades: silver, gold and pink in 15g. jars.

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