The innovation of the year 2015!

Seal & Protect provides a permanent connection between the keratin cells of the natural nail. Creates extreme adhesion for all artificial nail products and makes the natural nail stronger.

What does Seal & Protect Solution?

  • Seal & Protect protects, improves, strengthens and enhances natural Nails
  • Seal & Protect recovers damaged nails visibly
  • Seal & Protect can be offered as a stand-alone nail strengthening treatment, the first professional nail hardener
  • Seal & Protect creates extreme adhesion for nail polish, Gelpolish and all artificial nail products

To protect the natural nail

  • Apply 2-3 layers on the natural nail for strengthening
  • Can be offered as a stand-alone nail strengthening treatment for a large client base
  • Forms an insoluble layer inside the upper layers of the natural nail, making it stronger and protected against solvents, water and other external influences

To recover damaged nails visibly

  • Apply 2-3 layers on the natural nail
  • The keratin layers are attached to each other thereby the nails improve visible
  • Ideal for splitting nails

For extreme adhesion

  • Apply one coat of Seal & Protect and cure
  • After using Seal & protect each acrylate adheres better, because the upper layers of the natural nail partly exist of acrylates. After the residue is removed with a dry Nailwipe using firm pressure. Now any nail product can be applied.

To attach lifted parts

  • Spray the nail with Prep & Wipe and let dry thoroughy
  • Apply Seal & Protect and let it seep between the lifted part of the artificial nail and the natural nail 
  • Remove the excess of Seal & Protect and cure for 2 minutes in UV
  • The artificial nail is now reattached

How to use Seal & Protect?

  • Clean hands with Hand Cleanser
  • Push back cuticles 
  • Remove Pterygium
  • Remove the shine of the natural nail (optional)
  • Clean and dehydrate the natural nail with Prep & Wipe
  • Apply Seal & Protect and cure each layer 2 minutes in UV or 1.5 minute in the Twinlight
  • Remove the residue with a dry Nail Wipe after curing each layer so also if several layers are needed!

Note: When removing the residue of Seal & Protect use a dry clean Nailwipe and use firm pressure. 

The must have for each nail technician!

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