Partners in Nail Design

Magnetic Nail Design is one of the most complete brands in European nail industry. Magnetic offers the professional nail technician a wide range of high quality gels, by the Magnetic Gel System, easy working powder and liquid systems (traditional & UV-curing) and the best in fibreglass, a brush-on system based on the latest technology. And of course Magnetic offers all those other products professional nail technicians need to perform an excellent service.

As being a nail technician is a serious profession, detailed training is required. With The Magnetic Nail Academy all Magnetic Nail Design Systems are supported by the best in training. Based on more than 25 years of experience in nail training, The Magnetic Nail Academy Method of Training ensures its students success.

As Magnetic Nail Design and the Magnetic Nail Academy are looking to further expand their activities, Magnetic Nail Design B.V. is looking for creative partners for regional distribution of Magnetic and the promotion of the Magnetic Nail Academy Method of Training.

What are we looking for?

As Magnetic is expanding her markets we are continuously looking for professional entrepreneurs with intensive know how of the cosmetic industry preferably of the artificial nail industry. We are looking for organisations that either established a network of sub distributors or are capable of building such a network. They should be people that are either trained nail professionals or can hire professional nail techs as trainers and/or sales people for supporting any sales effort with necessary knowledge and understanding. Of course we will support newly appointed distributors with basic and advanced trainings so they can perform on the highest level.
We look for business partners that are capable of supporting the exciting Magnetic Nail Care Products by regional distribution and training. They should be able to create their own Magnetic Nail Academy, thus supporting their product sales and ensuring the products are properly used. Therefore we look for financially sound, professional businesspeople, who speak at least English or German. But most important we are looking for enthusiastic partners that are convinced that the opportunities the nail industry offers are only to be caught by professional training and the ultimate technical support.

Are you interested?

Contact: Tamara Cardoso  
tel: +31-346350525
fax: +31-346350453

What do we offer?

International distribution!

Before joining the distributor network of Magnetic, each candidate is invited to join us in Holland for an international prospect distributor meeting. In this meeting the candidates learn about the Magnetic product range and the Magnetic Nail Academy Method of Training. As we strongly believe in good personal relations this first meeting should create the basis for future co-operation. 
Basically we work on a mutual exclusive base. But as some national markets are too extensive, we do not automatically render exclusive distribution rights for every country. In some cases, like in Germany, regional division did boost growth more both for the individual distributors as for our organisation.
Not only do we offer top quality in products, most of all we offer knowledge, training and support. Of course we concentrate on technical skills,  but we also support our network of distributors with marketing tools. Depending on national market situations and perspectives, we do provide individual distributors with necessary basic material to support regional marketing on shows and publicity.
We will support the education of trainers by joining you in your own country. We do also invite our trainers and distributors to meet in our Dutch hometown for training and discussions. Our top trainers are regularly invited to support 
distributors on regional show as to demonstrate the latest techniques, Nail Art or just tips and tricks. When visiting Holland you are sure to meet some well known international trainers to broaden your perspective of the nail industry by sharing experiences and by presenting you the latest in nail business.