Magnetic Fiberglass System is the easiest system to make thin, hard and durable artificial nails. Whether you use silk or fiber strips, the nail will be very resistant and strong. These strips are also ideal for repairing cracks in gel or acrylic nails. The Fiber System is extremely lightweight, making it the first choice for customers with onycholysis (detachment) or Psoriasis, and customers who are frequently exposed to water or solvents.

The Benefits of Fiberglass Magnetic System:

  • No heat reaction on the nails
  • Super light in weight
  • Extremely smooth finished surface
  • Very little filing required after application
  • No excessive odors
  • The technique is easy to learn
  • Suitable for repairs and overlays
  • Superior adhesion
  • Very low risk of allergic reactions

The perfect solution for customers who are allergic to gel or acrylic