Gel is our passion and the heart of Magnetic.

When it comes to gels, Magnetic offers nail stylists endless possibilities. With Magnetic you have the freedom to choose and create your own combinations. Imagine the nails you want to make and we'll give you endless possibilities. Whatever the condition of the natural nails, you determine the required flexibility of the gel.
The advanced structure of Magnetic gels with oligomers combined with balanced plasticizers, ensure sustainable nails. Even without a primer, the adhesion is superior. The controlled photo-initiation ensures balanced curing under UV light and prevents discoloration or heat reactions to the nail bed.
Magnetic gels have set the international standard. Through constant evaluation and testing by the best nail stylists, Magnetic constantly adjusts the formulas to meet the changing needs of the market. Gel is our passion and constant improvement is our goal.

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Standard Gels

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