Sculpting Gels are gels with the highest viscosity, making them the thickest and most compact Magnetic gels. The gels yield a harder structure after curing. This makes it possible to polish the nails to an extremely high gloss. Sculpting Gels are great for creating templates for French Manicures because of the intense pigmentation and structure. Sculpting Gels are easy to pinch to form a uniform c-curve. Sculpting Gel White is the best choice for free edges and creating a taut, pure white smile line. Relative to the amount of pigment, we recommend not to apply the gel too thickly so that it can harden completely. The Pink Sculpting Gel cures in 2 minutes, and Sculpting Gel & Super White need 2-3 minutes to harden. Sculpting Gel is available in three colors: Pink, White and Super White in 30g and 50g jars.

"We recommend using a brush with natural hair because the gel is very thin."