• New PowerGel Tubes

    The perfect hybrid between gel and acrylic. The application technique is like acrylic and the cure is on command just like gel. You do need a liquid to apply the Powergel with, you can use Prep & Wipe.

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  • Rubber Base by Magnetic

    Winning the race with Rubber Base! So typical, you did everything right! The perfect prep from A to Z and still the client comes back with lifting.Usually this is because the client has very weak nails, uses medicine or has a very oily nail plate. The solution for this ‘problem’, is ‘Rubber Base by Magnetic’ Rubber Base: The Multi Tasker The ultimate adhesion under every product, Simple and the perfect curve, The ideal viscosity, minimum filing. Five beautiful colors.

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Magnetic has various distribution points within and outside Europe. In more than 45 countries you will find our distributors who sell Magnetic nail...